The Best Online React Meetup Groups to Join

If you're interested in React and want to learn more, then joining an online meetup group could be the perfect way for you to connect with like-minded individuals and stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in the world of React.

In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best online React meetup groups you can join, so without further ado, let's dive in!

ReactJS Dallas Meetup

Let's start with the ReactJS Dallas Meetup. This online group is aimed at React developers based in Dallas, Texas or anyone else who is interested in the technology.

The group covers everything from beginner-friendly workshops to advanced talks on the latest React frameworks and tools. There's something for everyone here, regardless of your skill level or experience in React development.

The ReactJS Dallas Meetup is a perfect platform for those who crave active participation in topics they are interested in. With regular meetups to attend, you can network and interact with the React community while expanding your knowledge.

ReactNYC Meetup

If you're based in New York City or surrounding areas, you won't want to miss out on ReactNYC. This is a friendly and vibrant online React meetup group, where you'll meet some of the best minds in React development.

ReactNYC is a great platform for those who value diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility. The group has frequent interesting events and meetups ranging from the basics of React to the latest modern web development techniques.

As they say, NYC is the city that never sleeps; well, neither does ReactNYC. They are always looking to host and connect with the community online and help React developers stay at the top of their game.

ReactJS Bangalore Meetup

This is an online React focused group for people based in Bangalore, India. The group hosts online meetups and events featuring local and international React experts.

The ReactJS Bangalore Meetup is a fantastic resource for learning, skill enhancement, and networking. It's a great platform for anyone looking to get together with other developers to discuss the latest news, share ideas, and learn new things about the ever-evolving world of React development.

The group is driven to create a safe and inclusive platform for people to interact, learn, and engage with React enthusiasts globally.

ReactJS San Francisco Meetup

If you're in San Francisco or any part of the Bay Area, and are interested in React, then you should join the ReactJS San Francisco Meetup. This online React group is focused on discussions around React developments, including trends, news, and anything related to the React ecosystem.

The ReactJS San Francisco Meetup provides an interactive platform for React enthusiasts to learn, connect and grow within a positive community.

With some of the best-trained React developers and guest speakers from some of the most innovative tech companies in San Francisco, this online React group is the perfect source of inspiration and knowledge acquisition.

React Brasil Meetup Group

This Brazilian React meetup group is for everyone interested in learning, enhancing their React skills, or interested in connecting with fellow React developers from Brazil.

The React Brasil meetup is about creating a community that fosters learning, sharing ideas, and growing together. You'll find well-structured and engaging programs centered around ReactJS, including sessions on fundamentals, tips, and tricks to solve complex problems.

The group creates an atmosphere of mutual support that encourages peer learning, constructive feedback, and hands-on experience working with React. It's open to all levels of developers and anyone interested in the React ecosystem, Brazilian or not.

Boston React Native Meetup Group

React Native, an open-source mobile application development framework, has taken the tech world by storm since its debut in 2015. The Boston React Native Meetup is looking to harness the immense success of this framework to help React developers to gain mobile application development skills.

This lively, educational, and fun online React group is all about React Native, helping developers build mobile applications using React Native's powerful component APIs.

The Boston React Native Meetup group makes it easy for anyone interested in React Native to learn, connect with their peers, and interact with the React community. Topics covered include everything from the basics of React Native to the latest updates on this evolving technology.

React Munich Meetup Group

For developers based in Munich, Germany, the React Munich Meetup is a great online resource to learn and network with other React developers. The group hosts virtual events, workshops, and meetups about everything React.

The React Munich Meetup strives to inspire and empower developers to create better user interfaces in the React ecosystem by providing a supportive environment to learn and collaborate.

From sharing the latest trends in React development to discussing current best practices, the group is committed to making learning fun, engaging, and informative.


These are some of the best online React meetup groups you can join to learn, share, and engage with the vibrant React development community. The groups are incredibly diverse, and some are location-specific, so it's easy to find the perfect group that meets your learning style and location.

Whether you're interested in diving deeper into React fundamentals, learning how to build mobile applications with React Native, or just meeting some excellent people in the React ecosystem, these groups have something for everyone. So why not join one today and start your Active React learning journey!

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